“This is a wonderful group with lots of great tunes” Tom Ball 91.3 The Summit ‘Just Plain

Friends Over Time
Reviewed by: Robin J. Smith  12/19/2006    "Yes, I Recall . . .    Absolutely Lovely.
It is a special insight, as well as talent, that is capable of putting an emotion into music.
The influences are evident, to a degree, but this sound is all your own.
I am one of the fortunate ones, who still has dear friends after 40 years, so this song
carries considerable weight with me... I Really Love This". . . . RJ  Mixposure
Forty Years of Fable
John Crafton (Founder), Richard Crafton, Scott Wilson, John Flanders, John Fisher,
Miriam Fisher, Tim Holder, Mike Marzullo, Mike Fox, David Jacobson,
David Richardson, Terry Battle, Lynn Travor, Mack McNichol, Phil Brecher,
Jimmy Taylor, Paul Aurillio, Lynn Searles, Kelly Smith, Pearley Evans, C.W. Johnson,
John Crafton III, Nick Watson, Mark Unruh, Douglass MacConnell, Greg Evans,
Tony Gavoli, Chuck Smith, J.P.Jones, Medrick Bellair, Vinny Pasternek, Sean Galooly,
John Sprier, Josh Williams, Sarah Tallarico, Bob Wood, Don Henson, Keith Bachman, Lisa
Blayney, Samuel Salsbury, Leslie Wake, Sashir Ali, Saam Cabot, Tom Schurr,
Gary Burris & Richard Crafton (The Younger)  
Roses For No Reason from 'Weathered'
Dedicated to the brave Men and Women who stand in
our defense
Founder and Fearless
John Crafton
Anthoney Gavoli passed away on Mother's Day 2007 in a fatal auto
accident. We love him and miss him terribly. He was a good man. We
are grateful to have had him.
Our mission is to bring the listener a pleasant and sometimes emotional repast centered in
the time and life experiences we all share. Acoustic instruments, beautiful harmonies, and
the occasional keyboard or electric guitar bring the story like lyrics to life in a way that is
Fable's alone.

Fable continues to expand its audience and it is our hope to add you to our broadening
family of listeners.
We welcome you.

Warm Regards to All, John Crafton
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