John Crafton
Musician, Sailor, Gentleman Explorer
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I hope everyone enjoys the site, my artist friends, and the music.
There are some wonderful works in these pages and it has been a pleasure for
me to share
my time with such gifted people for all these years.

I have spent my entire adult life as a musician, sailor, storyteller, and
gentleman explorer.
It hasn't always been grand, but it has never been dull.
I can think of nothing I would rather have done, or more interesting people to
have known.
This has been a lovely pass, the journey continues, and I am very grateful.

My Thanks & Warmest Regards To All,
The Grandchildren.
With special thanks to my
Jenny & Kate
AND...One on the way !!!!!
The Brother Richard
The sea, the sails, and the stars to guide
John continues to meander the backwaters of acoustic sensibilities heralding back to an
earlier balladeer's aesthetic. With a healthy lack of commercial concern, he single-mindedly
celebrates an authentic artistry that contrasts sharply with the current plethora of largely
vapid and puerile offerings from today's "hit" makers. Fans of Britney and Jewel
probably wouldn't 'get it' anyway.
Not for everyone this work... but I suspect he'd have it no other way.
In the best Irish tradition, I say "Maith thu"
   L. MacLearn, Chalice Records
My Favorite Review
Out to Hell's Ditch
Dissenting opinions are not unpatriotic
Poems from the Water's Edge.
Coming Soon
Oregon Coast Cover Shot by: David
Fouch, Riverhouse Studios, Portland,
Born on the U.S. East Coast John has been writing and playing music over 40 years. He has
travelled across America, Europe, and Canada as a performing musician and continues to entertain
as founding member of the group Fable, as a side man with other members of the Soft Wind Crew,
with his youngest son Richard, and as a solo singer / songwriter.        
John is an accomplished recording engineer and music producer and works for
Soft Wind Productions & Folkrider when not on the road, tinkering, or sailing.
2 John's no waiting
The Elder & The
Please take the time to read it for all sakes !
It just doesn't get any
better than this kids!
Maryland Steamed
Crabs and long neck
National Bohemian Beer.
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