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POSTED: Friday, October 10, 2008

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As a young listener, I was a slightly intimidated to read that Fable is a “New American Folk group
with roots in traditional folk, classical, country, Celtic, rock, and gospel music.” I imagined a musical
buffet of songs featuring such a wide variety that I could not stomach it all at once. I was wrong.

It is evident that Fable has mastered their craft, and they produce the kind of music that easily
incorporates different musical styles without sounding forced, like many of the new artists today that
want to blend, say, hip-hop and rock. Their influences and roots may be wide reaching, but at the
heart of it all they create good folk music. The songs range from fun, upbeat jams about life to
introspective reflections on death.

In the details of the Weathered sleeve, the band (who is already 11 deep) thanks the Fable family
and the Softwind family. I’m not sure what role all these people had in this recording, but at their best
Fable’s music sounds like that of one big, happy family. From the first track, “The Block Island
Light”, I knew this would be a fun ride, full of moments that make you say “I didn’t see that coming.”
Instruments jump in and out, people appear out of corners to lend their voices to a chorus, and the
free spirit of it all makes for some music that I know would be great live.

“In Your Eyes” features some relaxed banjo picking with some sparse musical accompaniment and
again, the chorus comes alive with the voices of the family. It gives it such a natural, unforced sound.
In my favorite song, “Evening News”, Fable really lets loose, adding some horns to the mix, coming
out with some spitfire lyrics, and sounding a little more funky than folky. This would definitely be a
great song to hear live.

For me, the low points seemed to be those lacking in originality and creativity. On “Have You Had
Enough”, the sound quality leaves something to be desired and the lyrics list off things that
everybody is sick of and then asks, “Have you had enough?” Yes, I think we can all agree that we
have. “Flight 93” is a respectable idea of commemorating a tragedy, but it’s not a song I would be in
the mood to listen to more than once or twice in my life. “What You Believe” was a great start to a
song, but I was disappointed that it never picked up.

Weathered is a solid release from the Fable, and the group effort that is heard throughout the album
gives it a feeling of a small community of musicians coming together for some good jams. The loose
structure and spontaneity of the music is a breath of fresh air in a music world where the focus is too
often on over-production and a polished final product. Weathered is like a grainy photograph of an
old, tall tree towering above a forest, compared to an airbrushed magazine cover of a smirking
politician. In my opinion, its rawness and free spirit is a much-needed break from the mainstream.

MuzikReviews.com Contributor- Jacob Moore

October 7, 2008

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