Friends Over
John Crafton has produced some interesting music over the years.
This CD promotes some of "John the Elder's" more recent musical
associations. Long since "After The Love Is Gone", and "Time Stood
Still", John continues to meander the backwaters of acoustic
sensibilities heralding back to an earlier balladeer's aesthetic.
With a healthy lack of commercial concern, he single-mindedly
celebrates an authentic artistry that contrasts sharply with the current
plethora of largely vapid and puerile offerings from today's "hit"
makers. Fans of Britney and Jewel probably wouldn't 'get it' anyway.
Not for everyone this work... but I suspect he'd have it no other way.
In the best Irish tradition, I say "Maith thu"
L. MacLearn, Chalice Records
Fable is a 'New American Folk' group with roots in traditional folk, classical,
rock, country, Celtic, and gospel music.
The poignant stories are supported by acoustic instruments,
haunting melodies, beautiful harmonies, lyrical violin, and the occasional
keyboard, drum, and electric guitar.

We would like to welcome you to our broadening family of listeners.

Our Warmest Regards and Thanks to All.
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